The Ultimate Guide to VSG Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss is achieved in various ways, and some methods are more effective than others. Some people can achieve their desired weight loss goal simply by making healthy dietary changes and engaging in more physical activity, but reaching their desired weight loss goal is nearly impossible for many others. Weight loss surgery with VSG may be an option.

What is VSG Surgery?

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) reduces the size of your stomach to three or four ounces using minimally invasive surgery. To lose weight, you can eat a limited amount of food. Your appetite is initially reduced as well, as ghrelin – a hunger hormone – drops after a VSG. Nevertheless, the results of VSG are usually impressive. Approximately 60% of excess body weight is lost.

After undergoing weight-loss surgery, patients are typically left with minimal postoperative pain. The procedure involves your surgeon making four to five small incisions around the width of your fingertip, inserting tools into the incisions to reduce your stomach size, and covering the incisions with sutures. During the first to the second day after surgery, you will be recovering in the hospital.

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